Thank you for you service to the HYL youth program!

UpdatedTuesday June 11, 2019 byHYL.

On behalf of the HYL board and family we would like to give a special thanks to longtime board members Kathy Maksymciw and Jeff Tydings. Both will be stepping down from their positions after the spring season. Kathy served as our programs merchandise coordinator for several years and both her sons Conner and Reilly played HYL. Jeff served as our program treasure for three years and also coaches his sons Brody and Nolan at the 3/4 and 5/6 level. Both Kathy and Jeff have been instrumental in their roles behind the scenes to help our program run efficiently and smoothly. If you see them please be sure to say thank you. They will be truly missed. Kathy and Jeff, the HYL family appreciates all your hard work and effort!

HYL family!