Thank you Hauck family for your years of dedication to HYL and the Girls Program!

UpdatedTuesday June 11, 2019 byHYL.

Hilton Youth Lacrosse would like to acknowledge and thank the Hauck Family for their years of dedicated service to our organization and community. The Hauck’s time with HYL began with Samantha (current Freshman) back in 2012.  As their exposure to lacrosse grew so did their interest in getting involved.  Mike began to learn the game from the strong mentoring of Fred French, Chris Reigle, and Tom Carpenter.  Sabrina (current 6th grader) then began in 2nd grade and Mike’s been coaching her level ever since.  The importance he's placed on continually learning, adapting, and growing as a coach speaks for his dedication to his player's and the entire program's development.

Agnes, always involved unofficially, joined Mike in 2017 as they became Girls Program Coordinators,  Over the past two plus years they've been instrumental in the growth HYL.  Through their leadership the organization created it's first Girls K2 level, managed the dissolution and replacement for RALL, facilitated the alignment with Coach Dude & school program, and executed the programs Indoor / Spring Season structure's change... just to name a few.  They've been dependable and available for whatever the need, even hosting board meetings, coaches meetings, and jersey fittings at the Hauck Construction office.  

Our Hilton Lacrosse community could not grow or strengthen without the volunteer efforts of families like you.  


Thank you for a job well done! 

Sean Palmer & HYL Board