A Letter From Coach Dude

Hilton Girl's Varsity Coach

UpdatedMonday September 24, 2018 byHYL.

HYL Families, 

My name is Mackenzie Dude and I am the new Varsity Girl's Lacrosse Coach. I actually began my coaching career with HAYLO, so I am excited to be able to continue to give back and help within Hilton Youth Lacrosse. 

One goal I have as the Varsity Coach is to unify the Girl's Lacrosse Program. I really view the entire program as one lacrosse family and am hoping we can get everyone to see it this way too. Throughout this year, I am excited for the opportunity to give back to HYL, and to see the older girls giving back like I did. As fall and winter practices are being scheduled, I am looking forward to being able to come to a few to meet the girls, coaches, parents, and everyone else who is involved. There will even be a few practices which I will run along with the coaches to help support the growth of every player. 

Since I began my coaching career with this youth program, I know how important developing the youth is for our Middle and High School teams as well. The youth is really where it all begins and is the future of our program. 

I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know your lacrosse player! 

Coach Dude